We provide engineering services for all engineering design phases:
  • Proposal Engineering
  • Project definition and Basic Design
  • Pre-FEED
  • FEED
  • 30%, 60%, 90%, 100% Engineering Detail Design
  • Life Cycle extension
  • Decommissioning

Our core business engineering services cover either on-shore or offshore Plant.


Power Plants, including Nuclear Power Plants
  • Oil & Gas Production and Treatment Plant
  • Renewables: Geothermal Energy Plant, Energy from Waste Plants
  • LNG
  • Fertilizers Plant
  • Making Steel Plants
  • Glass Production Plants


  • Fixed Offshore Platforms
  • FPSO
  • Process Modules (including LNG Module)
  • Service Modules
  • Three Point Rotating machines skids
  • Lifting, handling, skidding studies for installation procedures definition and management.
  • Marine transportation studies, verifications and sea fastening definition and design.
  • SPMT land transportation definition and relevant structural interaction/verifications

Softec owns a specialist knowledge in:

  • Modularization studies for off-shore and on-shore Plant
  • Deep knowledge and experience in the choice and related installation matters of rotating machines.

Softec manages, among all our specialistic activities, the following aspect of the engineering design: 

  • Seismic analysis in nonlinear with accelerograms for floor response spectra definition
  • Time history analysis and harmonic dynamic response for rotating machines on-shore and off-shore installations (also for three points skids typology)
  • Blast Lospe criteria definitions and time history analysis
  • Dynamic analysis with piping-structure interaction
  • Fatigue analysis for life cycle extension.
  • Dropped object and impact analysis.   
  • Piping Stress analysis either in critical operating environment (Nuclear, Military, Aerospace) or in fluid temperature/pressure/material extreme operating conditions.
  • Piping stress analysis of very large pipes/ducts of steel making fume treatment plants.
  • CFD e FEM analysis
  • Load flow, Load rejection, High Power Motor starting,
  • Stability of electrical net in island