PVERMAM is a vertical Expert System expressly developed for the structural verifications of steel supports (steel Plate and steel strips) connected to concrete structures with chemical or mechanical connectors or directly embedded in the concrete casting.

The software has been developed for Nuclear Plant and has already been used for the verification of about seven thousand connections of steel supports to concrete structures.

PVERMAN software:

  • interfaces directly the 3D model for retrieving input data related support positions, relative distance for stress interference and distance from concrete edge

  • interface directly the support load database for retrieving the last revision of the supports loads.

  • performs according to dedicated calculation method agreed with the national Nuclear Authority all the verifications requested.

  • accepts manual final tuning of the AI solution proposed.

  • fills in all the documents/reports and in particular: Calculation report, installation drawings, erection drawings.

  • Manage the data maturity of the already verified steel supports, through a daemon software that continuously looks for:

  • Any modifications in the 3D model position of involved and neighbors support

  • Any new revision of support loads

Main pillars:

  • Maximum reliability due to a direct interface with the 3D model for the retrieving workflow of input data

  • Maximum reliability due to a direct interface with the database of supports loads for the retrieving workflow of input data

  • Low cost optimized solutions generated by the AI rules embedded in the software solver.

  • Time saving in the generation of the related set of drawings/report since these are automatically generated by the software for the final solution.

New and original aspects of the creation

The original aspects involve either the PVERMAN interface (fully and bidirectional link with the Plant 3D model) and the verification method that has been object of a fine tuning with the National Nuclear Regulation body.