NODEMAN is a vertical Expert System expressly developed to faster and to provide reliable and optimized solution in the design of the steel structures of the industrial plants.

NODEMAN software:

  • fully and bidirectionally links the FEM structural model (SAP, SCAD, STAAD, etc) with the structural 3D model environment (TEKLA, REVIT, etc.) so that any modification/revision performed in one of the two environments is automatically repeated in the other, without any manual intervention

  • performs according to a predefined set of A.I. rules the automatic design of the connections

  • accepts manual final tuning of the A.I. solution proposed.

  • performs the connections verifications on the final geometric configuration retrieve in the 3D structural model after manual tuning

  • fills in all the Connection Verifications Reports.

Main pillars:

  • Great efficiency in steel structure design thanks to the huge time and costs savings due to the no need to manually transfer/share data from one environment to the other

  • Maximum reliability due to the absence of manual sharing of input / output data

New and original aspects of the creation

Fully and bidirectionally links between the FEM structural model (SAP, SCAD, STAAD, etc) and the 3D structural model (TEKLA, REVIT, etc.), so that any modification performed in one of the two system is automatically replicated in the other with no operating limitation.

This feature is valid also for the connection design, since the internal verification tool, can develop connection checks:

  • with the final connection geometry directly read from the TEKLA database as, possibly, manually revised

  • with the stress and loading combinations directly read from the FEM model (SAP, STAAD, SCAD,etc.)